About Bulundum

We all lose some belongings. Finding a lost belonging and having it back almost always require many phone calls and applications. If we are not close to where the item was found, having it back becomes even harder. The entire ordeal is complicated, stressful and inefficient. Bulundum solves all that, providing you with a quick and very simple way to search for, find, and securely get back your items.

Bulundum is a platform for people who lost something and for business and individuals that find them. A technological solution digitizing lost item processes, Bulundum makes life easier for both people who lost their belongings and and people who find other' items. Item owners can report their loss in Bulundum or websites/applications of our corporate users. Found items on the other hand, are saved by our corporate users regularly to Bulundum. Found items and lost item records are matched, confirmed and items go back to their owners in a few steps.

Easy, fast, secure, stress-free

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