What is Bulundum?

Airports, airlines, public transportation, hotels, museums, shopping malls, performance centers, sporting venues, movie theaters, restaurants, parks and the list goes on. These are the businesses where scarce and valuable resources are allocated to locate and reunite lost possessions with their owners.

Is it possible to reduce resources and time spent on lost property while increasing customer satisfaction?

Yes! With Bulundum’s technology-based smart solution, your customers are happy to reunite with their lost property and you are happy to achieve this with less effort and fewer resources than ever.

Bulundum supports Lost and Found departments at businesses and help transform lost and found operations utilizing a cloud based digital solution.

The results are amazing: Items returned to their owners faster and easier than ever, fewer inventory to keep and track, far fewer employee hours spent on tracking and handling lost items, and -more importantly- increased customer satisfaction and loyalty for businesses. With Bulundum, businesses can easily set themselves apart from competition.

You can start transforming your business’s lost and found operations and making more customers happy in just a few minutes. No new hardware is needed and our software does not require installation.

For further information or to become a part of our growing network of solution partners, contact us at [email protected].

How can you join the list of Bulundum’s prestigious solution partners?

You can either contact us directly at [email protected] or you can fill out the following form to speed up the registration and authorization process.