You can start by typing one or more keywords describing your item (such as name, brand, model, etc.) in the search box and review the list of similar items that will appear in front of you.

Note that not all items registered to our database are publicly displayed on our website. In other words, your item maybe registered in our database, but it may not be publicly displayed due to the preference of the finder. In this case, your item will not appear when you perform a search.

If you do not see your item or a likely match when you perform your search, please register your lost item with Bulundum by completing the Lost Item Form. In this case, your item will be matched against the entire database and you will be informed of a likely match automatically and you will not need to continue searching on the website.
Please first register and create login credentials. Once you login to our system, click on Found Something to complete the Found Item Information Form to help us record the item to our database.

Please note that you have a choice here: You can make any or all information about the item you have found private. In other words, the information you enter will be in our database, but only the information you declare to be public will be displayed on our website.

It is important to describe and record to the database all distinguishing features about the item as well as the circumstances of your finding the item. These details will be used to ensure an accurate matching as well as to ensure the identification of the rightful owner. However, you need to make sure these details are not made public.

In fact, you need to publicly declare only minimal information about the item such as name of the item you found and where and when you found it.

Once you submit the form and register the found item, you can wait for the notification for a likely match or a claim.
Bulundum utilizes a sophisticated matching algorithm to automatically identify potential matches. The finding party ultimately validates the authenticity of submitted claims and ensures items are matched to rightful owners.
You can submit a lost item form by clicking on Lost Something on the main menu. An alert is sent to the appropriate business and you would be notified in case of a possible match. In some cases, businesses may not be able to enter items into the database in detail due to the number of lost items they handle at any given day. In these cases, its is best to fill out the lost item form and will be notified in case of a match.
If your item was found at one of our partner organizations and you are confirmed to be the rightful owner, then you have the option to pick it up in person. If the item was found by an individual, pick-up in person option is not available.